It’s time for a new kind of man in Washington, and that man is Marty Huggins.

A son of North Carolina, Martin Sylvester Huggins was born and raised in Hammond County. His deep pride in his hometown and his lack of an affinity for numbers or the coordination for sports made him perfectly suited to run the Hammond County Office of Tourism, personally guiding dozens of curious denizens and visitors through the historical splendor of one of the state’s most unremarkable suburbs.

Marty’s surge into politics was propelled by one simple truth: “It’s a mess.” What began as the cornerstone of his campaign has become a rallying cry across the nation.

Happily married to his wife Mitzi and the proud father of sons Clay and Dylan, Marty is a family man with the kind of fresh perspective, eagerness and naiveté that Congress needs. Who better to clean up the mess in Washington than someone who had absolutely nothing to do with it, and no idea how it was done?

It’s a mess, America. And Marty Huggins is going to scrub it down until it sparkles!